Ever wondered what you could offer as a VA?

Did you know that there are over a 100 different services a VA can offer in their business?


I started out as a Virtual Assistant a few years ago and the first thing I did was to research what services a VA can offer. 


Being a Virtual Assistant is an amazing opportunity to own a business that uses your current skills and gives you flexibility to work around your family.


Grab your copy below.


  • 100 Services you can Provide as a Virtual Assistant

    This guide gives you a list of 100 services and it also segments them into different industries.  


Nearly 5 years ago, I was in a job I loved but I wasn't being the wife and mum I wanted to be. I made the difficult decision to step out and start a business as a Virtual Assistant.


I am now a Online Business Manager and have worked with several clients in different capacities in the last few years. I realised that this year has been a unique year and it forced a number of businesses to go online. And a number of employees lost their jobs. Being a VA is a simple business to set up with very little capital required and you have a flexible and balanced life.


My name is Iyete Apeji (Yete), Founder of Ezrela Social.